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About Doodlebugs Play School and Day Care Centre

The Mission Statement of Doodlebugs
Play School and Day Care Centre in Sandton


At Doodlebugs Play School in Sandton, Johannesburg, we provide for your child’s holistic wellness from 18 months to four years old through leading crèche, day care and nursery school education.

We aim to care and educate the child from an early age through professional child care. We want the children to become “active learners” and not “passive listeners”.

About Doodlebugs Play School

About Doodlebugs Play School - activities

About Doodlebugs Play School

Aims of the school

The staff of Doodlebugs, in partnership with parents, aims to provide a caring and stimulating child care environment where each child will have opportunity to fully achieve in every aspect of his/her development.

To this end, it is the aim of our child care facility and day care centre that every child should be given opportunities to:

  • Develop at his/her own rate through challenging, progressive play
  • Learn to share with others and play co-operatively
  • Appreciate and care for others and practice social skills
  • Deepen and lengthen concentration through his/her natural spontaneous curiosity and interest
  • Choose and explore a wide range of materials that allow him/her to express himself/herself appropriately and creatively
  • Become aware of his/her body’s capabilities and limits in a safe environment
  • Communicate thoughts, ideas and feelings clearly to both adults and other children
  • Share the wonder and excitement created by books, stories, songs, rhymes, music and the natural environment
  • Grow in self-confidence, experience success and thus develop a good self-image
  • Enjoy the satisfaction of work well done and share this with his/her parents

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