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3 fun craft activities for you and your child

3 fun craft activities for you and your child

Whether it’s the weekend, school holidays or just a quiet afternoon, craft activities can be a great boredom-busting and bonding session for you and your kids! Here are some ideas from our nursery school near Hurlingham.

  1. Baking: Making gingerbread people, decorating cookies and cupcakes or making coconut ice is a crafting activity that’s fun and delicious as well as teaching your child a few useful life skills in the kitchen. It’s best to set up a table filled with icing and decorations to keep your kids busy while you manage the hot oven, but try get them involved in as many stages as you can – from fetching ingredients and helping to stir the bowl to licking off the spoon, of course!
  2. A work of art: This combines two of every toddler’s favourite things – bright colours and making a mess! Get a big roll of butcher’s paper and put it on the ground. Mix up edible paints using plain yogurt and food colouring, and let them run wild. Encourage them to try different colours and shapes to bring in some creativity. You can also put the paint in a squeeze bottle for easier use.
  3. Potato stamps: If you’re feeling creative, potato stamps are a cheap and fun way to help your kids express their creative side. They’re easy to make and you can make all sorts of fun shapes like hearts, stars, fish, leaves and smiley faces. Separate paints into different colours in separate trays (a good use for polystyrene trays) and lay out sheets of paper – then let the stamping begin!

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