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5 tasty treats that can benefit your child’s brain development

5 tasty treats that can benefit your child’s brain development

Good nutrition is well known as a cornerstone of healthy development at every stage of life, but it’s even more important for young children. This is because they are growing and changing at an incredible rate – physically and mentally – and good nutrition helps to support this. Here are some great foods that are tasty as well as healthy for your child’s diet:

  1. Eggs: Rich in choline, a nutrient that assists in the creation of memory cells; eggs are ideal as a snack or a healthy breakfast. Including this food is as easy as scrambling an egg and serving it with whole-wheat toast or packing a hard-boiled egg into your child’s lunchbox.
  2. Oatmeal: Also a great breakfast option, oatmeal digests slowly – giving your child a stream of constant, steady energy that supports mental concentration as well as physical stamina. Add cranberries, blueberries, banana, raisins or ground walnuts for additional flavour and to add some healthy sweetness your child will love.
  3. Berries: Easy to have on hand as a quick snack or to pack into a lunchbox, berries like strawberries or blueberries are rich in antioxidants. These help to protect the health of your child’s brain while adding a sweet burst of flavour.
  4. Milk: Full cream and low fat milk is packed full of calcium, protein, vitamin D and phosphorus, regulating your child’s energy and building strong bones. A small glass of milk at lunch or a bowl of wholegrain cereal and milk for breakfast is simple and fuss-free. If your child doesn’t like drinking milk, try Greek yogurt with no added sugar instead. You can even flavour it with your child’s favourite fruits, like bananas and berries or add a bit of honey.
  5. Lean beef or spinach: Rich in iron, a nutrient essential to cognitive functioning as well as muscular development, lean beef and spinach are super foods for childhood development. In addition, lean beef contains zinc, a nutrient that assists with memory function as well as helping any bumps and scratches to heal faster. Steak sandwiches or substituting lettuce with baby spinach in salads are a great way to serve these brain foods.

Healthy snacks and hot meals at our nursery school near Hurlingham

At Doodlebugs nursery school, our child care staff knows just how important good nutrition is for your little one, that’s why we only allow healthy meal options from home.

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