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Breastfeeding? Read this childcare advice!

Breastfeeding? Read this childcare advice!

For working moms, going back to the office after having a baby can be a very tough decision – and if you breastfeed your child, that can mean extra complications when you drop them off at day care. Here are some tips from our childcare centre near Hurlingham.

  • Talk to your care provider: Some child care centres are experienced at dealing with this issue and others are not, so it’s important to inform them that your child will require breastmilk while at day care. They need to know how to store it, how to prepare it for your baby and how much your baby will require through the day.
  • How much breastmilk is needed through the day: This differs from baby to baby, and will affect how much you need to pump and provide each day. On average, babies drink about 700-750 ml a day. For a typical day at day care, you may need around 300ml of breastmilk depending on your child, if they are going through a growth spurt, and their feeding schedule. Some moms can pop in and breastfeed at lunch, which is a great way of reducing your need to pump and bonding with your baby.
  • Top up in the mornings: One good idea is to try feed your baby at the day care when you arrive in the mornings, even if you have already just fed your child. Again, this reduced your need to pump, makes it easier for the day care, and means fewer bottles to clean, fill and store.
  • Label everything: Talk to your child care centre about how you should deliver your child’s bottles, the labelling they require and their policies on storing excess breastmilk on the premises, as some are unable to do so.
  • Practice makes perfect: This is a big adjustment for any mom as well as your baby, so start to ease into the process of pumping, storing breastmilk and bottle feeding your baby at least two weeks before day care starts. Some babies have difficulty adjusting to bottles and some moms struggle getting enough milk out with a pump, so this is a good time to get used to the process without putting yourself under more pressure.

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