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Is your child ready for play school?

Is your child ready for play school?

Sending your child to play school is a big step for parents and kids alike! Having a fun, secure learning environment is key to helping your child achieve their developmental milestones and build the brightest future, but it’s important that they only move into this environment when they are ready. Here are some tips from childcare specialists.

  • Building independence: If your child is excited about new activities and new environments, it’s a sign that they are developing their independence and would do well in a play school environment. Asking for play dates with friends, wanting to go on outings and explore the world are all good signs.
  • Less anxiety about being away from parents: If there was a time when your child didn’t want you to leave his or her sight, but now they’re happy to spend time away from you with a caregiver, grandparent or friend, then he or she is likely ready for play school. This is a great sign because it means that they’ll have plenty of fun learning new skills and making friends!
  • Focusing on tasks: Another good sign is that your child can spend time on their own or with you while staying focused on a particular task for at least 5-10 minutes. This can be colouring in a picture, building a puzzle or playing a game.
  • Basic personal skills: Although every play school is different, most require your child to have a certain level of independence regarding their personal skills. This can include being potty trained, able to eat a snack on their own, wash their own hands and put on their own shoes, etc.

If you’re unsure if your child will cope with play school, you can start supporting them in developing these skills. You can organise short play dates to build up your child’s independence, encourage them to complete small, fun tasks and start adjusting your child’s routine to ensure that they are at their most alert and happy during playschool hours. It’s a great idea to also ask the schools that you are interested in sending your child to for different ways to help support your child in making this adjustment.

The most important part is to stay positive about this new adventure! You are your child’s best role model and knowing that you’re excited about this new step in life will bring out their inner confidence.

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