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Christmas craft activities for you and your child

Christmas craft activities for you and your child

’Tis the season to be jolly! Christmas is a great time of the year for families with youngsters, but it can also be a time of year that’s filled with unproductive activities such as watching too much television or being bored at home. To keep your children engaged and productive over the holiday season, kick-start some of these fun craft projects at home:

  • Button tree ornament

If you have a Christmas tree in your living room, then letting your child create their own Christmas ornaments to put on the tree is a great idea. All you will need is a green felt, foam sheet, a glue gun, ribbon and various sized/coloured buttons to make this ornament. After cutting a tree shape out of the green felt, use a glue gun to attach the felt to the foam back. Let your child choose different buttons to place on the tree. Look at pictures of this button tree ornament for more information and details.

  • Family handprint Christmas tree

Get green construction paper and trace the hands of all of your family members on the construction paper. Cut along the lines so that you are left with multiple hand shaped pieces of paper. Stack the construction paper on top of each other, with the smaller hands at the top and the bigger hands at the bottom, before adding a star to the top of the tree.

  • Santa beard

Cut out a shape of a beard on a piece of construction paper (or get a Santa beard template here) and tape a Popsicle stick to the back of the beard. Let your child glue cotton balls on top of the beard. Visit this page for more pictures and details of the Santa beard.

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