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Crèche insights: How sensory play helps your child to thrive

Crèche insights: How sensory play helps your child to thrive

During the first year of your baby’s life, play is all about exploring through touch, taste, smell, hearing and sight. Toys that appeal to different senses help your child to get to know the world, and responding to different stimulation is key to reaching early developmental milestones. Here are some tips for sensory play from our crèche near Craighall:

  • Sight: From about the time that your child is one week old, you will notice that they are attracted to bright and contrasting colours and patterns and to slowly moving objects. A mobile, placed about ten inches above your baby, will grab his attention, help exercise visual perception, and provide ongoing entertainment.
  • Sound: Babies have fairly well-developed hearing and start to learn to track different sounds fairly quickly. Parents are the best source of this stimulation, since talking to your baby in positive tones and with a constant stream of communication is key to your child’s development. Playing soothing music and giving your baby a rattle or soft squeaking toy are good supplementary sources of stimulation.
  • Taste: Although your babies dietary needs are fairly simple at this stage, they will still try putting everything they see in their mouth! This is actually another positive source of stimulation for your baby, so be sure to have clean, safe, baby-friendly toys that do not pose a choking hazard on hand for this stage of your child’s life.
  • Touch: Exploring using this sense teaches your baby to distinguish between soft and hard, and light and heavy. At first, they will prefer soft textures, like plush toys and blankets. Later, your baby will explore many textures and will want to pick up everything. Having baby-friendly teddy bears, plastic toys, rubber ducks and storybooks on hand will give your baby plenty to explore.
  • Smell: While there are not many smell-oriented toys for babies, the world around them does more than enough to activate this sense. Your baby will learn to recognize your smell from being close to your skin. Exploring the outdoors will give them even more stimulation. A great idea is to incorporate smell into your baby’s bedtime routine, with distinctive, gentle and natural baby soap or even night-time massage cream. All-natural scents such as lavender are well-known to be soothing to babies and parents alike. This will not just help your baby get used to new smells, it will help them to associate the smell with settling down for the night.

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