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Dental health and your infant

Dental health and your infant

Keeping your new baby healthy and happy means lots of weigh-ins, check-ups with nurses and paediatricians, and good nutrition. What many people forget, however, is that your dentist should be on the list too! Having healthy teeth as we grow up means starting with healthy teeth as a baby, so here’s what you need to know from our child care team near Parkmore.

Healthy teeth start before they appear

It’s an understandable idea that we only need to start taking our babies to the paediatric dentist when they start getting teeth – but the reality is that we should do it much sooner. Taking steps early as parents are an important way to help your baby maintain good oral hygiene and develop good habits.

Tips for your baby’s oral hygiene

  • Birth to 6 months: Start by gently cleaning your baby’s gums each day. Simply hold your baby in your arms and gently rub his or her gums with a clean, damp cloth that is wrapped around your finger. This helps your child get used to the sensation as well.
  • 6-12 months: When teeth start to appear, you can change from a cloth to a soft baby’s toothbrush. Using toothpaste suitable for infants, gently brush your child’s teeth after each feeding.
  • Visit the dentist: Find a recommended paediatric dentist in your area and make an appointment for a consultation when your child is between 6-12 months or if you have any dental health concerns. You can get advice, meet the team, get an idea of what happens during a child’s dental visit, important milestones to pay attention to and, most importantly, it gives your child a chance to start getting used to dental examinations.

A healthy, happy start from our child care team near Parkmore

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