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How to dress your kids for winter weather

For parents, dressing your child for the day feels more like an art than a science, especially during the winter months. Johannesburg weather is especially tricky, with its hot, sunny days and icy cold mornings! Here are some tips for dressing your child for preschool during these months, from our nursery school in Sandton.

  • Young children are more affected by the cold: With their smaller bodies, little children and toddlers find it more difficult to retain body heat, making them vulnerable to the effects of cold weather than adults. This often doesn’t seem like the case, as many kids insist on running around in a t-shirt and nothing else even on the coldest days! This is because they are also less likely to realise they are getting cold, increasing their vulnerability.
  • Layers, layers, layers: This is especially important up in the Highveld where the temperature rises during the day but plummets as the sun sets. This allows them to strip down to a light jumper while playing outdoors in the sunshine, but quickly bundle up when it’s needed. Layering also creates pockets of air between clothing that heats up and keeps your child warm.
  • Don’t overdress: It sounds like a contradiction, but too many layers are as bad as too few. This is because your child can end up overheating, triggering the body’s sweat response which can chill your child. Three layers are ideal – a long or short-sleeved top in a light cotton material, a warm jersey or tracksuit top, and a jacket for additional warmth when needed. On very cold or windy days, a snug beanie is also a great addition.
  • Label your layers: Because winter layers get taken off and put back on through the day, it’s very important that all your child’s clothing is labelled to avoid confusion and make sure that there are no mix ups or forgotten/lost items.
  • Well-fitted shoes: Bare foot may be the name of the game in summer, but in winter those toes need to be kept snug and warm. Make sure the shoes fit well enough that they don’t slip off while playing or walking, but that they aren’t so tight that they cause blisters or restrict circulation.

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