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Easy ways to help your child learn to count

Easy ways to help your child learn to count

For toddlers, the world is their classroom and curiosity is the key to learning. You can encourage your child’s early numeracy skills by helping to teach them to count through fun activities that stimulate the brain and entertain. Here are some tips from our child care centre near Parkmore.

  • Make it part of the conversation: For example, if your child is helping you bake or decorate cookies, show them how to count out one for each person in the family. You can also ask them to show you how to make sure everyone has the same amount of snacks or help count out the cutlery while you set the table.
  • Use your hands: Visual cues are the best way to start off learning about numbers, and counting out fingers is a great tool for helping your child learn these essential skills. It helps them track each number in their mind as well as assisting with very basic addition and subtraction.
  • Incorporate it into other activities: Numbers by themselves may not be very enticing to your child, but you can incorporate basic numeracy and math into games they love to play. If your child loves cars and trucks, number them with fun stickers and create matching “car garages” out of old shoe boxes. Old telephones with number pads are also fun to play with, and your child can help call for pizza or phone granny using number that she remembers and can write down in a phone book.
  • Make it relate to them: Numbers are more easily understood by children when they relate to them. Age and even height are great topics, so ask your child how old he was last year and how old he will be this year to get them thinking about numbers.

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