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Five questions you need to ask before you choose a nursery school

Five questions you need to ask before you choose a nursery school

Choosing the right nursery school or baby day care in Craighall for your little one can be a challenging experience, but knowing the right questions to ask will make this task easier and ensure your child gets the best start in life.

Where is the centre located?

The childcare centre should be located a close distance from your home or workplace to make transport quick and easy. Once you have decided how far away you are comfortable travelling, it’s easier to include or exclude a particular centre. Remember, some centres have defined their own catchment areas and will exclude children who live outside their zone.

What does the centre care about?

Every childcare centre has it’s own philosophy and knowing that their goals align with your own as a parent is very important. While some aim to offer simple child care services while you’re at work or at home, others such as Doodlebugs Nursery School go a step further – prioritising your child’s healthy growth and development by applying advanced child care which combines love and learning.

Is there an age-appropriate curriculum?

Every child develops at their own rate and has their own particular strengths and needs. A good curriculum should be flexible in helping your child to meet developmental milestones at their own rate, giving both support and love. A good nursery or play school curriculum should include hands on play, stimulating activities, outdoor exploration and teaching early language skills for communication. Other social activities should also be taught, such as washing your hands, minding your manners and learning about sharing.

How qualified is the staff?

It is important you choose a childcare centre that has highly qualified teachers and staff in order to ensure your child is in safe, competent hands. There should be regular communication between staff and parents and the centre should work to encourage your involvement in order to build a strong relationship between you, your child and the community.

How safe is the centre?

Safety is a strong concern for parents and it’s important the centre addresses this on a number of levels. Firstly, the centre itself should be in a safe area and the property should be monitored as well as equipped with fire alarms and safety systems. Secondly, it should be fully childproofed to ensure your child can explore and learn in a safe environment. Additionally, staff should be trained in First Aid and the centre should be kept hygienic and clean.

With these tips, you’re sure to find a great child care centre for your little one. For more information on our play school, nursery school or professional day care services, or to visit our centre near Craighall, please contact us today. We look forward to meeting you and having your child join our family.