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Four reasons why it’s great to be an involved nursery school parent

Four reasons why it’s great to be an involved nursery school parent

Not sure how involved you should be with your child’s nursery school? Wondering if you should step back or jump right in? At Doodlebugs nursery school near Parkmore, we encourage parents to really participate in this stage of your child’s life – and here’s why:

  1. Support for your child: Every child develops and reaches milestones at a different rate – it’s part of what makes them so unique and special. But knowing where your child may need more support is great for parents, staff and ultimately your child, so being more involved will help your nursery school bring out the best in your little one.
  2. Peace of mind: Not knowing what your child is doing throughout the day is very unsettling for many parents – are they safe? Are they eating healthily? Are they making friends? Getting involved with your nursery school will help open up a strong line of communication, so you know just what your little one is up to while exploring the wonders of the world around them.
  3. Boost development: Knowing how your child is progressing in nursery school is a great way of providing great support at home. For example, if we’ve been exploring colours and finding fun examples outside, you can encourage your child to show you his or her new skills at home. Not only does this help your child practice what he or she has learned, it is fun, a great self-esteem boost and shows your child just how much you value their progress.
  4. Participate in important decisions: How your nursery school is run and the focus of their programmes has a huge impact on your child’s development, so participating in events and on a one-on-one basis with staff is a great way to learn about new programmes and have your say.

Get involved at Doodlebugs nursery school near Parkmore!

Doodlebugs is a crèche, play school and nursery school which really values the input and relationships built with parents. We encourage plenty of parental involvement and our dedicated staff members are always happy to listen.

For more information on our playschool, nursery school or professional day care services, or to visit our centre, please contact us today. We look forward to meeting you and having your child join our family.