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From play school to the future: The benefits of enrolling your child at our Sandton childcare centre

From play school to the future: The benefits of enrolling your child at our Sandton childcare centre

The first few years of your child’s life are full of important changes. It is during this time that vital brain development occurs along with physical growth and social-emotional development. Finding a playschool and childcare centre that is going to actively support and encourage this development is about giving you more than peace of mind – it’s about giving your child the brightest possible future.

How Doodlebugs playschool brings out the best in your little one

  • Love: Extensive research has shown that the creation of a secure, caring relationship is key to early learning. By responding quickly and lovingly to your child’s needs, our dedicated staff members create a strong bond with your child, whilst teaching him or her about trust. This helps your child become more open to new learning experiences and builds the foundation for healthy future relationships.
  • Safety: Having a secure, fully child-proof environment allows your child to explore, develop a sense of independence and discover things for himself or herself in a positive, constructive way. This builds self-confidence, self-awareness and fosters curiosity. In contrast, an environment which is unsafe not only places your child at risk of trauma, but also causes increased stress levels in your child, releasing hormones that inhibit brain development. Our playschool is designed with your child’s safety in mind, combining leading childproofing methods with constant supervision.
  • Nutrition: Certain foods are rich in nutrients which actively support and assist brain development. Eggs are rich in choline, which supports the development of memory cells, whilst blueberries are brimming with antioxidants that keep your child’s brain and body healthy. Lean beef and spinach are also brain super foods, supplying iron for boosting cognitive function and muscular development. Having a healthy, nutritious meal and snacks at playschool helps support this growth.
  • Stimulation: Sensory stimulation is the best way for your child to learn during this critical time. That’s why we have set times for games and activities which encourage your child to use different senses, including reading storybooks with tactile images and toys that make fun noises/movements, as well as exploring the outdoors and playing with peers. All activities are designed especially for your child’s age and abilities, whether they are in our baby day care or are nursery school-aged.

For more information on Doodlebugs playschool or professional day care services, or to visit our centre near Sandton, please contact us today. We look forward to meeting you and having your child join our family.