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Fun Christmas projects for you and your child!

Fun Christmas projects for you and your child!

Crafting over Christmas is a great boredom-buster that keeps little hands busy, celebrates a wonderful time of year, and even helps develop those essential early development skills! Here are some easy crafts that will help your little one have fun and hit those milestones, from our team at our nursery school near Craighall.

  • Family Christmas cards: Handmade cards are the best cards, so why not make these a family crafting project. Gather glue, wrapping paper scraps, glitter, buttons, ribbon and colour markers together in festive colours and let your kids go wild decorating cut-out cards for family and friends.
  • Santa’s plate: If you like leaving milk and cookies out for Father Christmas, then why not do it on a special plate? Pop into your local store for a plain white plate and visit your craft store for ceramic paints and get as creative as you like. If you want, you can substitute it with a paper plate and non-toxic paints.
  • Make your own gift wrap: All you have to do for this simple project is get as many meters of plain brown or white paper (the type you see in big rolls in craft stores) as you need and then set up your decorating station. One great idea is to make potato stamps in festive shapes (like Christmas trees or stars) and either buy some non-toxic paint or make your own.
  • Christmas cookies: A lovely handmade gift, this is a tasty festive treat! Using any cookie recipe you like (ginger, vanilla and plain sugar cookies work well), make your dough and cut out various festive shapes, and bake until ready. Your little one can help decorate them with coloured icing and any pretty festive toppings you like!
  • A Christmas wreath: Take a paper plate and cut out the centre, leaving the outer circular edge intact. Then it’s time for your toddler to decorate! Non-toxic paints, ribbon, glitter, buttons and cut-outs of snowflakes holly leaves and presents are all great – and cheap – decorations that will bring your wreath to life. You can hang a single wreath over your door, or connect a few of different sizes together with ribbon for a bigger impact.

Fun, friends and learning with our nursery school near Craighall

At Doodlebugs Play School near Craighall, we know that this is a critical time of learning and development for your little one. We aim to support it through a holistic curriculum that teaches through fun, safe and age-appropriate activities. With plenty of peers to play with, extensively trained crèche and professional child-care staff members to oversee all activities and a fun, childproof environment, we’re looking forward to bringing out the best in your child.

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