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Great tips from our day care centre near Hurlingham on how to childproof your home

Great tips from our day care centre near Hurlingham on how to childproof your home

Time flies when you have a newborn and before you know it, your child will be exploring every room in your home. This is why childproofing your home before your infant can crawl – or even while you are expecting – is the best way to keep your home a safe place. Here are some great tips from our day care centre and nursery school near Hurlingham:

  1. Locks and latches: Cabinets and drawers in the kitchen, bathrooms, and storage rooms and throughout the house should be safely secured. This will prevent your mobile child from gaining access to sharp objects and choking hazards, as well as stopping potential injuries from fingers getting caught in drawers and cabinets.
  2. Gardens and pools: Just like your home, your garden needs to be safe for your child. Covering or fencing in a pool or spa, securing large pot plants so that they cannot be pulled over and removing equipment, fertilizers and poisons to a secured shed are all important safety measures.
  3. Cleaning materials, poisons and medicine: All of these present real risks to young children, especially to your exploring infant who wants to put everything in his or her mouth. These items should be moved to cabinets that are high up out of reach and that have safety latches. Special care should be taken to ensure that none of these products are left unattended while being used.
  4. Electrical points: Unlike electrical outlet safety plugs, covers and plates are more robust and present a low choking risk. Remember to cover all outlets that your child will be able to reach, including those behind furniture.
  5. Child-safe gates: These should be placed at the bottom and top of all staircases, as well as at the entrance to rooms that are not safe for your child to enter, such as the garage. Make sure the safety gate meets current safety standards and that the bars are close enough together to ensure that your infant does not get stuck between them.
  6. Furniture: A lot of adult-sized furniture presents a danger to mobile children. The sharp edges tend to be at a young child’s height. Installing bumpers on coffee tables, end tables, couches with hard edges and other furniture will reduce the risk of injury. Test the bumpers after installation to make sure that they cannot be pulled off.

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