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Great tips that will help your infant sleep through the night

Great tips that will help your infant sleep through the night

Sleep is important for parents and babies, keeping us physically healthy and mentally fit. It’s also critical for your infant’s brain development, as this is the time when new neural pathways are strengthened as they learn new skills. Unfortunately, many new parents struggle to get a good night’s sleep. Here are some tips from our day care near Craighall for getting your infant to sleep through the night.

  • Swaddling: For newborns and up to 4-5 months old, swaddling is recommended by baby specialists. This method of wrapping your baby prevents their instinctive startle reflex from jerking them out of sleep. If you don’t know how to swaddle your baby properly, ask your paediatrician or nurse to show you this useful technique!
  • Create a routine: We are all creatures of routine, and by associating specific activities with bedtime, parents can help infants get into the right mode to fall asleep. Try quiet, quick activities, like a warm bath and putting on soft pyjamas followed by a lullaby. The last part should always take place where your baby is going to sleep.
  • Strategic nappy changes: Nappy changes are not something most infants enjoy, and feeding is far more soothing, so change your baby’s nappy before you do your late night feed. This will help calm them and make falling back to sleep much easier.
  • Teach them to self-soothe: This is essentially about teaching your little one how to fall back to sleep by themselves. Lay your baby down to sleep when he is drowsy but not yet asleep. If you hear gurgling, wait and see what happens rather than rushing back in. If your baby cries, wait a few moments to see if they can fall asleep and then go in and soothe your baby for a few minutes without picking him up (only do this if he is very upset) and see if he calms down. Repeating this will help teach your little one how to fall asleep independently.
  • Comforting smells: If your baby is over 6 months, you can give them a bedtime comforter like a soft toy or blanket. This works best if it smells of you, so keep it with you for a few hours. If your baby is younger than 6 months, these comforting objects are a health risk, so it’s better to include your scent in a different way – for example, making sure the swaddling blanket smells like you.

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At Doodlebugs Play School near Craighall, we know that this is a critical time of learning and development for your little one. We aim to support it through a holistic curriculum that teaches through fun, safe and age-appropriate activities. With plenty of peers to play with, extensively trained crèche and professional child-care staff members to oversee all activities and a fun, childproof environment, we’re looking forward to bringing out the best in your child.

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