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Your guide to emotional learning in children

Your guide to emotional learning in children

Research has shown that development in a child’s social-emotional abilities is just as important as their intellectual abilities. Children with a strong emotional foundation are better at developing and maintaining warm, positive relationships with friends and family members and it helps them with everything from self-awareness and self-regulation to accountability and adaptability. 

When choosing a play school in Parkmore, Johannesburg, for your child to attend, it’s important that you pick a professional child care centre that focuses on emotional learning in children. Some of the things that this centre should focus on include helping children to respond with inquisitiveness, identify and name feelings, helping them to calm down or manage their emotions when they are upset or angry and be aware of the feelings of others.

Many parents are very interested in implementing strategies that help their children develop positive character traits and emotionally intelligent children, but it’s crucial that these strategies are carried through at their play schools as well. Teachers need to encourage positive emotional development through a variety of exercises and tasks that are modelled on emotional-social learning such as being a good listener, modelling the behaviour you seek in a child (like the treatment of others with respect or saying you are sorry if you are wrong) and respecting differences in people.

To develop your child’s self-esteem and foster a happier, more well-adjusted human being, send your child to a play school where emotional learning in children is a priority. 

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