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How imaginative games at play school boost your child’s development

Imaginative playing, also known as pretend playing, is every child’s favorite game – whether they are mimicking their parents, pretending to be teachers giving a lesson, firefighters battling the flames or even superheroes saving the galaxy. But these games are so much more than just entertainment for your child – they are essential to early brain development, impacting on abstract thinking, math, literacy, problem-solving and language skills. This type of play at home and at play school develops these skills through:

  • Allowing your child to act out and understand real life situations – for example, cleaning the house, visiting the doctor and going to lessons.
  • Allowing your child to explore situations that are not possible in real life or at this life stage – for example, imaginative play involving exploring the jungles, being a doctor, conquering pirates and visiting fairies.
  • Emphasizing social interaction and collaboration with peers, setting rules, limitations and boundaries while working in teams and competing.
  • Developing a sense of empathy as your child places himself/herself in the shoes and roles of others.
  • Allowing your child to express creative thinking in a safe environment.
  • Developing self-awareness along with awareness of others through creating different identities and distinguishing them from their own.

You can encourage this healthy play by participating in it with your child. Ask plenty of questions about what you need to do and what’s happening, always letting your child take the lead so that their imagination is properly stimulated. A box of dress up clothes and age-appropriate props will be a great draw for your child – and they don’t need to be especially elaborate, as imagination and creativity is key to this type of play.

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