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How play school activities will give your child the best start in life

How play school activities will give your child the best start in life

Your child’s early development plays a critical role in building critical skillsets and starting a lifelong journey into the joy of learning. At Doodlebugs Play School in Sandton for children between 18 months and 4 years, we offer a great curriculum filled with activities specifically designed to support this growth and ensure your child thrives.

By offering a great range of activities in our daily routine, our experienced teachers encourage holistic development in each and every child, including critical cognitive, physical, language and socio-emotional to build a strong foundation for future learning.

Let your child experience fun, learning and friendship at play school

At our play school near Parkmore, we ensure your child has every opportunity to:

  • Experience fun and progressive play activities which allow your child to develop at his or her individual rate.
  • Learn how to share and co-operate during activities and play time.
  • Develop a sense of self-awareness and physical capabilities.
  • Learn to express him or herself through different creative activities.
  • Learn and demonstrate social skills, learn about rules and develop relationships with peers and teachers.
  • Build strong communication skills.
  • Develop a healthy sense of self-esteem and self-confidence.

For more information on our play school, nursery school or day care services, or to visit our centre, please contact us today. We look forward to meeting you and having your child join our family.