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How to help your child achieve developmental milestones

How to help your child achieve developmental milestones

Developmental milestones are a way of measuring your baby’s progress as he or she grows through this important time. While they don’t follow a very strict timeline, each baby has their own pace, they are a great way to track and encourage healthy development as your child progresses from day care to playschool and nursery school. To encourage this there are many fun activities you can do with your child.

Brain development activities for babies

Babies are learning machines. During a child’s first year, they have to learn some pretty big things, from saying their first word, eating solid foods and taking their first steps. These things are pretty big accomplishments, especially when you realise how helpless a tiny infant is. Activities you can do with your baby outside of day care centres include:

  • Talking – Although your baby won’t understand you, talking to him or her about everyday activities and using lots of eye contact encourages healthy stimulation and engagement, teaching your baby to focus on you, your words and your voice.
  • Mirrors – Your baby won’t know what a mirror is, but he or she will be intrigued by the baby that appears in it. This encourages all kinds of stimulation, from wiggling about and touching the mirror to making sounds at the images. For safety, use a child-safe mirror and supervise closely.
  • Toys for different senses – Babies explore and learn through their senses, so having toys that have different textures and make different sounds is a great way to stimulate development. Bath time toys are a great option too.

Activities for brain development in toddlers

Some fun activities to do with your child outside nursery school include:

  • Reading together – This not only gives you a great opportunity to spend one-on-one time with your little one, it also stimulates language and reading skills, and helps to develop cognitive abilities. For younger children, choose something with interactive elements including brightly coloured illustrations or games.
  • Pretend play – These make-believe games help your child understand grown-up scenarios in a safe, fun way, whether they are sending a sick doll to the doctor or going grocery shopping through the house. Using their imagination, your child is learning about rules, social structures and how the world works. Try creating a toy box full of old dress up clothes and child-safe props to help make these imaginative worlds come to life.
  • Singing and dancing – While singing helps your child develop language skills, dancing helps stimulate balance and motor skills – so it’s not just about having fun and being active.

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