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How to prevent tantrums

How to prevent tantrums

Tantrums are exhausting, frustrating and often embarrassing for parents to deal with, as well as being upsetting for your child. Fortunately, there are certain techniques recommended by child behaviourists and specialists that can help reduce and even stop tantrums altogether. Here are some tips from our day care near Hurlingham.

  • Stop it before it starts: Despite how they may seem, tantrums have more to do with emotional frustration than an issue that requires discipline, like the yelling and aggression that comes with it. Children have to learn how to manage and express their emotions properly, and tantrums can easily be brought on by tiredness, hunger, boredom or overstimulation. When you know what your child’s trigger is, you can stop the behaviour and head it off while it’s still in its early stages, before it becomes a full-blown tantrum.
  • Choices not commands: It’s easy for parents and caregivers to fall into a pattern of commanding children to do certain tasks, especially when you’ve had a long day. Giving your child a choice of options, however, that suit you as a parent can be a great tool for preventing tantrums because it helps your child feel more in control of their own behaviour and prevents frustration. Stick to two options to avoid overwhelming your child with decisions, for example, “What would you like to do, brush your teeth or have a bath?”. After they choose which option they will do first, say, “Super! We will do (Option 1) first and then (Option 2)”.
  • Ease into different activities: If your child is playing and racing about and you suddenly tell them that it’s time for a bath and bed, the chances are that they’re going to have trouble adjusting immediately to this new task ahead of them – and that can turn into a tantrum. Rather, ease them into it by mentioning that in a bit, it will be bath and bed time, then try and engage them with more calming play. Several gentle warnings may be needed, and a reward can be used too – for example, letting them choose which book they would like a bedtime story from.

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