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How to provide the best support for your child’s brain development at home and at nursery school

For parents, ensuring your child’s brain is developing at a healthy rate is a top priority. After all, much of your child’s total brain development occurs in his or her first five years – and it’s the skills learned during this time at home and at nursery school that help set their foundation for future success. So what can you do to help ensure this healthy development? Here are five great tips:

  1. Minimal TV

More and more scientific research is showing just how bad TV is for children. It is unrealistic to not allow your children to watch any TV at all, but moderation is key. Experts say you should set a maximum of one to two hours a day and try choose a kids programme which encourages your child to participate in the show. With a little research, you’ll be able to find shows that will get your child singing or dancing along, drawing pictures and responding to characters.

  1. Set a routine 

Routines don’t just make your life as a parent a little easier, they help to get your child into the appropriate zone for learning. Having a set time for reading together, practicing writing his or her name, or doing a chore will help your child settle down and focus on the activity at hand. You can always follow it with a more exciting reward like a favourite TV programme or treat to help emphasise the importance of following routines. By setting routines, you’re teaching your child the beginnings of essential time management skills which they will rely on in the future.

  1. Get active

Running, skipping, jumping and playing catch are all fun for children and extremely healthy – for brains as well as bodies. These activities help with gross motor skill development as well as coordination. Head to a spacious park nearby for all the space your child needs to run, jump and play.

  1. Do activities together at home

A great idea is to try having a period of time scheduled on a regular basis to sit with your child and encourage him to draw, write and paint. This is excellent for encouraging fine motor skill development and also helps develop focus and coordination. Putting your child’s hard work up on the wall or the refrigerator will show them how proud you are of their achievements, building a healthy self-esteem.

  1. Eat well

Good nutrition is essential for healthy brain development. Keep sugar to a minimum and feed your child healthy meals containing oily fish (such as tuna), nuts, leafy greens and eggs, which all help the brain. Eating well will also help keep your child’s immune systems healthy, fighting off infections and ensuring your child can stay active and learning.

Nursery school helps your child learn and grow while having fun

At Doodlebugs Nursery School, we offer your child a safe, fun environment that helps to boost brain development, social skills and much more. Our dedicated staff members provide constant, loving support and guidance to each child, helping him or her to develop their strengths and interests.

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