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Packing tips for your summer holidays!

Packing tips for your summer holidays!

For many parents, the most intimidating part of having a little one is the amount of stuff you need to take with you everywhere you go! And at no time is this truer than when you are packing to go on holiday. As we all get ready to hop in the car and travel to see family and friends this festive season, these tips from our play school in Sandton will help ensure you have all the essentials.

  • Lists, lists, lists: When it comes to travel prep, lists are your friends, so start making them up a few weeks before the big day. Use one to keep track of how many outfits/nappies/etc. your little one goes through per day, to help you calculate your packing requirements.
  • What you need in the car: Make a checklist of all the things you’ll need close at hand, including food, an extra set of clothes, eating utensils, nappies, sippy cups, and lots of hand wipes. A good idea is to have an extra outfit or top for yourself as well, just in case there are any accidents.
  • Portable changing equipment: You never really know when a dirty nappy is going to strike, so a well-equipped diaper bag is essential. Along with nappies, you can include a disposable changing pad, plastic bags for nappy disposal, wipes and bum cream, as well as a favourite toy or blanket as a distraction.
  • Safety, comfort and entertainment: Make sure your car seat is properly installed and ready for your little one, and that it’s positioned on the right-hand passenger side in the back seat so that the passenger in the front can easily reach over to your little one. Don’t forget a blanket and favourite toy for comfort, as well as a sun screen to block out light from the car window. Audiobooks make wonderful entertainment for long drives, and little ones often fall asleep just to the sound of the voice reading the story, so it doesn’t necessarily need to be a kids book.
  • Think travel-size: Most parents prefer to buy their kid’s toiletries in bulk, but this makes them a challenge when it comes to packing. Rather, if it’s possible, buy an empty toiletry travel pack from your pharmacy and fill each bottle with a small amount of shampoo, moisturiser and other toiletries. This is ideal if you aren’t going away for long, or if you can stock up at your destination.
  • Call ahead: If you’re staying at a hotel, resort or even an AirBnB, they often have useful kid’s equipment on hand, including travel cots, feeding chairs and other essential but bulky items. Using their equipment will go a long way to saving on space and hassle while you travel, so call ahead and see what they can offer you.

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