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Planning tips for your child’s first birthday party

Planning tips for your child’s first birthday party

Your baby’s first birthday is a big milestone that deserves to be celebrated! Here are some tips from our crèche near Parkmore on how to plan this special day.

  • Who to invite: This is completely up to you but most babies enjoy seeing the faces of the people they are most familiar with, so intimate gatherings with a few friends and family are a great chance to keep your little one comfortable and happy.
  • What time to have it: Choose a time of day when your baby is usually at his or her most active, awake and happy. This will make the party more enjoyable for your child as well as easier for you to manage. Plan around nap times if you can, and try make the party a bit shorter in duration unless you feel your little one can cope or nap somewhere quietly if it is a longer event.
  • Location: Home is always the perfect option for a first birthday as it is a familiar environment for your little one, it’s safe and child-friendly, and it has everything you need so you don’t have to take bags and bags of stuff with you! Alternatively, a child-friendly restaurant, park or a relative’s house are also great picks.
  • Catering: This is more for grownups and older children than your little one, but it’s good to have a variety of snacks on hand rather than taking on the responsibility and fuss of a full meal. A great idea is to make your child their own little cupcake for the event, where they can smash it up and make a mess all on their own! This makes for a really fun photo opportunity too.
  • Entertainment: While the adults can entertain themselves, try and set up a small, contained play area for little ones. This will keep them safe and out from underfoot while also ensuring access to age-appropriate toys in a safe environment.

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