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Six fun, brain-boosting activities for your child outside crèche

Six fun, brain-boosting activities for your child outside crèche

No matter how mobile your baby is, there are plenty of ways you can introduce them to learning through play. Playing is more than a bonding experience, it is one of the primary ways in which your baby’s brain develops. Here are six fun games to play with your baby:

  1. Touch, see, smell and learn: Gentle sensory stimulation is how your child will start to develop new skills. Showing your child new things and reacting enthusiastically when he or she engages with the object is a great way of introducing them to new colours, textures and sounds.
  2. What’s that? In just a few months, you’ll notice your child is starting to take an interest in the world and focusing on different objects and sights. You can encourage this – and your child’s language skills – by playing a fun game of “What’s that?” as you go about your daily routine. Point out interesting things which are brightly coloured, move or make noises to really grab your child’s attention.
  3. Dance: Even if your child is not mobile, dancing with them is a great way to have fun. Your child will be introduced to new sounds, rhythms and movements and you can choose the music for stimulation or for helping your child fall asleep. As your baby becomes more mobile, you can modify your dancing to help your child build physical strength through bouncing, crawling or even pulling up on secured furniture.
  4. Make some noise: Rattles, squeaky toys, bells or anything that makes a noise is an immediate favourite with babies. If your baby is very young, play with the rattle near them, then move it out of sight and repeat. This will help them to learn to track sounds. Older babies will love making their own noises and begin to develop rhythm, concentration and motor skills.
  5. Rolling a ball: Rolling a soft, light, colourful ball between you and your baby is a great way to get them to follow movement. Let them grasp, squeeze and throw the ball, praising them each time he or she interacts with it. This will help your child learn coordination, focus and motor skills, while stimulating touch and sight.
  6. Copy me: Your child learns a lot simply by mimicking you, so turning it into a game is a fun educational experience. Make funny faces, or touch their nose or feet and make funny noises, all of which encourages motor skills, communication, language and memory development.

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