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Start swimming lessons early this spring

Start swimming lessons early this spring

If there’s one thing that almost every baby and toddler loves, it’s water! Swimming lessons are a vital way of teaching your child how to stay safe and have fun in water, so why not start this spring?

Swimming lessons for babies

At 6 months, you and your child can start swimming lessons – but at this stage these are more for fun and bonding rather than learning the necessary skills. Supervised classes are held at swimming schools and gyms, and it’s a great way to teach your child to become comfortable around water and other little ones. Your child won’t be able to master useful swimming skills until around age 3-4, so it’s important to stay very close to your child at all times around and in the pool. Instructors will have lots of great tips on how to use these lessons to help your baby’s development, how to safely play with a baby in a pool, and fun games to play.

When to start formal swimming lessons

Little kids love swimming pools, and they’ll be exposed to them through school, at home and at their friend’s houses, so it’s important to get them comfortable and confident in water to maximise safety as well as enjoyment. By 3 or 4 years old, your little one will have the strength, motor control, discipline and ability to follow instructions to start proper swimming lessons. These should be done at certified swimming schools or with certified swimming instructors where children are fully supervised at all times.

Learning to swim has so many benefits! From learning a healthy form of exercise and fun, to making a safe step to all sorts of water-based activities like playing at the seaside, fishing, canoeing, diving, kayaking and surfing!

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