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How children learn social skills
How children learn social skills

Learning social skills is an important part of your child’s early development. These skills focus on communicating and interacting with others in a healthy and positive way, as well as learning responsibility, self-control, consideration for others and self-confidence. Here is some insight into how children develop these skills, from our playschool near Hurlingham.

As an infant, your child comes into the world completely dependent on the people around them for love and care. As they grow, they start of develop self-awareness, bond with family members and become anxious when separated from them. Even though they may interact with other infants to a degree, their real social development starts in a playschool environment through regularly interacting with different adults as well as children of a similar age and engaging in activities together.

Like every developmental milestone, some children develop their social skills more quickly than others. This is completely natural and, with the right environment of support and encouragement, each child will learn these important skills. Teachers play a vital role here by:

  • Creating opportunities for interaction – Through fun outings, group and one-on-one activities. Even for children who find socialising easy, it’s important to practice these skills in different situations and with lots of different children.
  • Helping children to communicate effectively – Often, children find it easier to express themselves physically if they are finding themselves frustrated or unhappy. Teachers play a strong role in recognising challenging situations and helping children to instead express in words how they feel, ask for what they need and do so in a calm and positive manner.
  • Learning all about manners: While parents have an important role to play in helping kids learn about manners, teachers can support this by expanding this to different interactions with adults, unfamiliar people and peers. Learning to say “Hello” and “Goodbye”, taking turns, sharing toys and develop cooperative skills are all valuable parts of the play school experience.

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