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The best Halloween costumes for kids!
The best Halloween costumes for kids!

Halloween is a chance for parents and kids to get creative and have some fun – and this means coming up with a fantastic costume idea! Here are some inspiring ideas for you from our playschool near Craighall.

  • Little old lady/man: Is your baby just learning to walk but still needing some support? Dressing your child up as a little old man or lady is the perfect outfit! You can adapt a stroller to give them something to hold onto and push (their Zimmer frame) while a simple grey wig, spectacles and some mini-age appropriate clothes will finish this cute and clever look.
  • Build your own superheroes: Does your child want to be a superhero when he or she grows up? While costume shops will have plenty of options, why not help them invent their own? This is a great way to encourage their imagination, so invent their super powers, uniform and more together for a fun and memorable look.
  • Zombie children: If you and your kids love to get messy and indulge in the spooky spirit of Halloween, zombies are the best way to go! Find some of your child’s old clothing and distress it out a bit to make it look the part. You can also make some edible fake blood at home using golden syrup and red food colouring. A great finishing touch is a manikin hand that your child can bring along with them for extra effect! This is great for older kids, as long as they’re comfortable with such a spooky look.
  • When I grow up: There’s nothing cuter than a little child all dressed up for their career! Your choices are endless, from doctors and scientists to adventurers and sports stars, so you can really get creative with this one.

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