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Tips for dressing your child for day care

Day care is a great environment for your child to learn and grow, so it’s important that they are clothed comfortably and appropriately for their time there. Here are some practical tips from our day care near Parkmore.

  • Temperature: Children should not be over or underdressed for day care, especially when they are very young, as they can overheat or get cold very easily. Natural fibres are often cooler than synthetic ones, and layering clothes in winter will help keep your child comfortable as the day heats up and cools.
  • Spare change of clothes: Children can often go through more than one set of clothes a day, especially if they are in day care over mealtimes. One or two spare sets of clothing should be packed for each day that is weather-appropriate.
  • Sun protection: If your child is going to be spending any time outdoors, it’s important that parents have applied child-safe sunscreen. Be sure to put the sunscreen in your child’s bag for any necessary re-applications.
  • Movement: Many day care activities involve fun activities and playtime in which your child develops their movement-related milestones, so it’s important that they can move easily and comfortably in their outfit. Older toddlers will be running, climbing and jumping, so clothing and footwear needs to be tough enough to withstand a busy day. When in doubt, keep outfits as simple and straightforward as possible.
  • Special clothing: As children grow up, they often want to wear or bring in special clothing to day care – whether it’s a pink tutu, a cowboy hat or a new dress. While it’s wonderful to see your child express themselves through their clothing, it’s important to also protect these items from getting damaged during the course of the day. An apron is a great addition to protect a favourite dress, for example!

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