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Tips for limiting your child’s screen time this summer

Tips for limiting your child’s screen time this summer

The summer holidays are here, a time when many parents understandably struggle to limit their little one’s screen time! Here are some tips from our play school near Parkmore for maintaining a healthy balance over the festive season.

  • Make a flexible plan: Whether you’d like to limit your child to one hour of TV a day or one movie a day, it’s good to communicate your plan from the start by creating a designated time slot for TV. By establishing a routine, it becomes much easier to enforce, and makes sense to your little one.
  • Play dates: Playing with friends is the biggest distraction you can offer your child, and since so many parents are trying to limit screen time, it makes sense to team up and make a plan for play dates. Try out different activities each time, like a trip to the park or zoo, to keep it fresh for yourself as well as your kids.
  • Be a good role model: As with everything else, our little ones look to us as an example of what they should be doing – and it’s difficult to help them see why the TV isn’t good for them if we have it on for ourselves all day! Try to keep up with other activities through the hours your child is up and about, and you can always catch up on your TV after their bedtime.
  • Quality counts: If you’re going to have screen time, you can make it more productive for your child by choosing great quality programmes. From kid’s movies and series embodied with positive messages, to shows that are educational or are participatory, TV can play a positive role in your child’s development.
  • Activate parental controls: One thing most parents are astonished by is how quickly children pick up how to use electronic devices, which means it’s very important to make sure parental controls are activated from a very young age! This will limit what your child can have access to in terms of apps and TV channels, as well as implementing password protection that ensures only you can access the devices.

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