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Tips for successfully weaning your baby

Tips for successfully weaning your baby

Weaning your infant can be a challenge, but these tips from our crèche near Parkmore will help make this a smooth transition for you and your little one.

  • The right time to start weaning: Guidelines promote exclusive breastfeeding for the first 6 months of your child’s life, and a combination of breastfeeding and solids up until one year. Weaning can take place after that, or you can continue for as long you feel comfortable with it.
  • Health and change: Breastfeeding is comfort as well as nutrition, and it’s a good idea to start the weaning process when your child is feeling healthy and settled. Big changes like starting crèche, moving to a new house and new routines, or feeling unwell can make weaning more difficult.
  • What your baby wants: The most important factor in this process is your baby, and the best time to start weaning is when your little one shows interest in it by seeking out other foods/comfort, or can start drinking from a cup. Some children start this at a year or earlier, while others only start self-weaning as toddlers.
  • Mother-led weaning: If you’re unable to breastfeed your child through the day, you can start the weaning process yourself by slowly reducing the frequency of breastfeeding and introducing pumped breast milk or formula. The key is to do this very slowly at one feed a day and increase the bottle feeds over a few weeks.
  • Shortened nursing time: This is another good strategy where you can reduce breastfeeding time per session. For children over 6 months, you can follow a short breastfeeding session with a healthy, age-appropriate snack, formula or pumped breastmilk. It’s easier to start this strategy with daytime feeds and slowly move towards decreasing night feeds.
  • Postpone feeds: This strategy relies on your baby getting hungry enough that he or she will eat their food/have a bottle, but it’s important to time these just right. If they get too hungry, they’ll be frustrated and impatient, and mealtimes will be a struggle.

Peace of mind for you and your baby at our crèche near Parkmore

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