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Travelling tips: Going on holiday with your new baby

Travelling tips: Going on holiday with your new baby

Planning on going away with your new baby? Our crèche in Hurlingham, Johannesburg, gives a few helpful hints and pointers:

  • Don’t jam-pack your schedule

Travelling with a baby happens at a much slower pace than travelling with your partner or another group of adults. To minimise stress, make sure you don’t have too many activities and a long check-list of to-dos and sightseeing events for each day. Space out activities so that you have time to enjoy each day without feeling too frazzled.

  • Delegate duties

As a new parent, you may want to take on all the chores yourself, but this can easily sap all your energy. Split packing, unpacking, cooking and cleaning duties among yourself and other travelling partners or older children to lighten your load.

  • Research your accommodation options

Some hotels offer discounted rates for children on meals and snacks, which can save you quite a bit of money over the course of your holiday. Also, call ahead of time to find out about supervised childcare and babysitting options, child-friendly facilities, televisions in the rooms and organised events for children.

  • Organise vaccinations ahead of time

Some neighbouring African countries and many foreign countries require certain vaccinations on children. Call your local travel agent and your doctor well in advance to plan for any vaccinations that may be needed.

  • Plan for visas and other documentation

Many new parents are surprised to learn that babies also require visas in certain countries and that the price thereof is the same as adults’. Besides visa, also make sure that you have other types of documentation such as a birth certificate, your marital status and related documents and adoption papers (if applicable) on hand for border control.

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