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Why play and learning are an important part of your child’s time at nursery school

Why play and learning are an important part of your child’s time at nursery school

Many parents wonder why so much time is dedicated to play in playschool and day care environments. The reality is, most of your child’s total brain development takes place during the first five years of life – and this brain development is primarily stimulated through playing. Let’s take a look at the benefits of play for your child’s brain development:

  • Play lets you explore the world

Play is an excellent way for your child to explore the world through creative and imaginative fun. Your child will learn about social cues, how to communicate and how to get along with others by acting out scenes and scenarios. Your child will also learn about problem solving and this is one of the major benefits that makes explorative play so effective.

  • Play is the foundation of valuable social lessons

If you watch children playing, you’ll notice there is a lot of time spent on developing rules and limitations for each game, along with establishing socially acceptable behaviour. It is during these activities that your child is putting new social skills into practice and applying behaviours which have been demonstrated and taught to them by parents and teachers. Your child, along with his or her peers, will learn all about sharing, taking turns and working together towards common goals – all valuable skills that are essential in later life.

Develop self-esteem, independence and confidence

  • Play allows your child to develop valuable communications skills and can help refine fine and gross motor skills. During play, your child will begin to develop self-esteem, leadership skills and a healthy level of independence, channelling his or her energy in a positive manner.

Play, learn and explore at a leading nursery school near Sandton

At Doodlebugs Nursery School, we provide your child with a safe, fun environment where he or she can make lasting friendships, learn valuable skillsets and develop a healthy self-esteem. Our experienced, caring staff will oversee your child at all times, ensuring your child is safe, learning well and enjoying every moment with us.

For more information on our play school and baby day care centre, nursery school or professional child care services, or to visit us, please contact us today. We look forward to meeting you and having your child join our family.