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Why your child’s play school curriculum is all about emotional, physical, cognitive and social growth

Why your child’s play school curriculum is all about emotional, physical, cognitive and social growth

Day care, nursery school and play school aren’t just about professional child care services which keep your child healthy and happy – they’re about supporting all aspects of your child’s development. At Doodlebugs Play School near Hurlingham, our highly trained staff offers a leading developmental curriculum for children between 18 months and 4 years which helps your child build a strong, positive relationship with learning while stimulating critical skillsets.

With us, your child will have every opportunity to engage in a wide range of learning experiences that actively stimulate all areas of childhood development, including:

  • Emotional development – This includes learning about sharing with others, fairness, forgiveness, respect and independence.
  • Social development – Building friendships with peers, relationships with teachers and learning about rules for teamwork and co-operation.
  • Physical development – This includes developing and refining motor control, co-ordination and fine motor skills through different activities.
  • Communication skills development.
  • Building a healthy self-esteem and sense of self-confidence.

Our curriculum is also highly flexible, allowing your little one to grow at his or her own rate and challenging your child in ways which are age-appropriate, fun and concentrate on specific skill sets.

Our play school is where fun and learning meet

In addition to our great curriculum, we offer your child plenty of opportunities to explore and get active in our child-safe, hygienic centre during their typical daily routine with us. Along with fun with friends and specific learning activities, your child will enjoy singing, music and story time, in addition to nap time and healthy snacks.

For more information on our play school and baby day care services, or to visit our centre, please contact us today. We look forward to meeting you and having your child join our family.