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Your guide to early brain development in children

The development and growth of a child’s brain is an incredible journey. Starting soon after conception with the development of the first brain cell, the brain builds neurons rapidly – up to 250,000 per minute – to develop a healthy neurological system. At birth, most of these neurons are unconnected and learning and sensory stimulation are needed to build connections, and it is these connections which build the foundation of your child’s ability to push the boundaries of academic, creative and career success.

Brain development in the womb

Your child reaches significant milestones while inside the womb. Brain function starts at only four weeks and its first task is the placement of the body’s organs and systems. By the end of the second trimester, all the major parts of the brain are functioning and it is able to communicate with all the different parts of the body. Significant brain and head growth occurs when your child is eight months old and it is at this point, your baby will be able to recognise the sound of your voice.

The first year of your baby’s life

During this time, your child learns how to do many of the things we take for granted as adults. He or she changes from a helpless new born baby, to a child who’s taking their first steps, saying their first words and exploring the world of solid foods. A baby’s brain is ready to learn in all areas, not only intellectually and physically, but emotionally too. By two months old, your baby can even feel complex emotions such as empathy and anger.

Brain development in your toddler

Healthy stimulation is crucial in terms of brain development in toddlers. Your child will continue to develop at a rapid pace until he or she is five years old, learning through sensory exploration. He or she will go from saying simple words such as “mama” to stringing full sentences and even holding simple conversations. You can help your child explore the world around him by heading out to interesting places such as the park or zoo, interacting with new people and trying out fun activities.

Let your play school or crèche support healthy brain development

Crèches, play schools and nursery schools play a very important role in boosting this development. With fully trained staff, an age appropriate curriculum, healthy snacks and hygienic facilities, Doodlebugs Nursery School is the ideal environment for happy, growing children.

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