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A typical day at Doodlebugs Play School in Sandton

Daily Routine


School Terms

Doodlebugs Play School roughly follows the 3 Term System of private schools, although our terms are slightly longer. We have holidays during April, August and December as well as half-term breaks during February, July and October. During April and August holidays, “Holiday Club” for babies and toddlers needing day care, nursery school or additional child care is offered twice a week at no extra cost.


Doodlebugs Play School maintains small classes at our child care facility in Sandton, therefore ensuring individual care and attention. We hold a ratio of 1 staff member to every 6 children. We accept a total of 24 children at Doodlebugs.


We maintain an “open-door” policy at Doodlebugs. Continuous communication between Doodlebugs parents and the school is vital to professional child care in order to provide the best for each child. Each parent will have a cell phone number and an email address with which they can communicate with the play school.

Each child will have a notebook. This notebook will be written in every day to let the parents know what two main activities the children participated in that day and if there are any minor concerns which need to be brought to the parents attention. The parents may also use this as a means to communicate with the play school.

Meetings between teacher and parent will be arranged whenever necessary for the betterment of the child.